The main reason of this project

We all are living in a period of constant revolutions. With tecnology and social media, us as consumers have the power to change the world. I know how important is nowadays, to have a real compromise with social changes that are happening and to contribute to change with our actions the way we consume products for other ways that are more conscious.  

Due to that my main mission and goal is to be part of that change and help projects in what I really believe in, projects with heart in social values, projects in which earning money is a result of serving through the heart and not the reason, proyects that create work with ethic and sustanaible values in what I really trust to finally give the world the love that in this time is really needed.

I really want to help others through the visual part and help them to have more visibility. I want to give my time to proyects in which I also believe in, because they have the same principels. I need to support people that want to help the world to change .

You share with me this? Want to help each other?


I find important to define my values because they affect in my way of working.

Respecting Others

I’m against any type of discrimination due to race, religion beliefs, sexual orientation, gender identity or social status.

If you form part of any of this colectives or situations please feel free and safe to work with me.


Diversity as a gift

Diversity is the one true thing we all have in common. And I really appreciate that.

That’s why I have the honor to offer my work in 3 different languages: english, portuguese and spanish.


    No competition

When you know who you are, you don’t need to compete with others. 

Each person in this world is unique. So as projects. I believe that the truly competion is only with ourselves. That’s why I believe in a work phylosofy of colaboration with others and not trough competition



Open to colaborations

I’m open to give help to people of my sector, or colaborate in other works of colleges.

Helping others is very important to me. So If you want to collaborate together feel free to ask.

Helping Others

My philosofy is that everything is circle. I want to help others with knowing that  if your business go well mine will be good also.  Everything is connected.


Working with honesty

I want to be honest with you and with my knowledge and limits. If you propose me some work that I don’t have the knowdlegde I would help you to find other colleges that could have it.


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